10 Simple Ways to use Perfect Bakes

  1. Perfect Bakes is delicious in potato gratin (scallop potato), sprinkle a generous amount on each potato layer, finishing with extra Perfect Bakes, fresh herbs, salt & pepper on top.
  2. For a twist on a family classic, try stuffing tomatoes with bolognaise topped with Perfect Bakes. Finish in the oven or grill until golden.
  3. For a quick and easy dinner, create fresh baked puff pastry swirls of Italian salami, Napoli & Perfect bakes shredded cheese.
  4. To create a super quick cheese sauce, simply melt Perfect Bakes with cream and serve with any vegetable, meat or as fondue. Try it with broccoli and gnocchi!]
  5. For the ultimate cheese toastie, fill a fresh focaccia with sliced tomato, triple smoked ham and Perfect Bakes. Top the foccacia with a drizzle of olive oil and salt & pepper, toast in a hot grill.
  6. For a no fuss eggplant lasagne, slice and grill eggplant then layer with Napoli, fresh basil and Perfect Bakes. Bake in the oven until golden brown.
  7. Add a new level of richness to cannelloni with a deliciously golden brown Perfect Bakes cheese crust.
  8. Use perfect bakes as a tasty and easy way to thicken a stuffing or sauce.
  9. Run out of cannelloni shells? Large pasta shells or rigatone are a great alternative. Fill the shells with ricotta and your favorite fillings, top with perfect bakes and finish in the oven until shells are cooked and cheese golden brown.
  10. Perfect Bakes is a great way to finish off any tartlet, don’t just try it on top, mix it through!